Thursday, 11 February 2016

Amazing UFO opening Stargate Portal in the Sky (Norwegian Spiral Anomaly)

The Norwegian spiral anomaly of 2009 appeared in the night sky over Norway on 9 December 2009. It was visible from, and photographed from, northern Norway and Sweden.
The spiral consisted of a blue beam of light with a greyish spiral
emanating from one end of it. The light could be seen in all of Tr√łndelag to the south (the two red counties on the map to the right) and all across the three northern counties which compose Northern Norway, as well as from Northern Sweden and it lasted for 10 minutes.
According to sources, it looked like a blue light coming from behind a
mountain, stopping in mid-air, and starting to spiral outwards. A similar, though less spectacular event had also occurred in Norway the month before. Both events had the expected visual features of failed flights of Russian SLBM RSM-56 Bulava missiles, and the Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged shortly after that such an event had taken place on 9 December.

we know that the simplest answer is usually factual. However, why has
not anyone made a public appearance to inform concerned citizens? Do
they think they just disturb the public peace with funky spirals and
wait for our reaction? A simple "Hello, by the way there is no reason to
be worried, no you will not all disappear in a worm hole, we are just
shooting missiles around!"
Courtesy radio announcement, or a short TV appearance would be lovely...

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